SaleMate – Applying a New Normal in Retail


In many sales and marketing fora’s the discussions on how retail will transform on the back edge of the pandemic are still intense and ongoing. But it seems like only a few brands have taken real and substantial initiatives in reformulating their retail strategies to stay ahead of competition and even capture additional market share. We have now entered a new phase of the pandemic, where we see shortage of both products and labor - at least the rest of the year. For many brands the best strategy in a Covid affected reality has been “Do almost nothing” and some may even stick to that strategy for some time, primarily because they already sold all available products for the holiday season.

Why not make a significant strategic move now while competition is resting and recharging?

It might be time for a move forward, to streamline and amplify the sales efforts to secure future growth and efficiency in the sales operations. It might be time to revisit how you operate in retail and how you secure that the brand promise is being delivered to consumers as effectively as possible. It might be time to adapt a way-of-working that can absorb the market dynamics and start working with a retail platform that strengthen your go-to-market plans instead of confining them. It might be time for SaleMate, the retail platform.

Here are 5 features in SaleMate, that will improve your retail team’s productivity and performance by 15-20%:

1.       Deploy your go-to-market strategy synchronized across channels

SaleMate enables you to tailor and plan your retail strategy down to the single assignment in a store and follow the progression in the whole market in real-time on your dashboards. SaleMate is both agile and flexible - it’s made to fit your operation, no matter what kind of retail sales you perform. We have looked at and optimized the processes from the set-up and planning to execution and follow-up and all the way to documentation of your retail strategy and implemented the most effective ways to get the job done – it’s smart retail.         

2.       Turn insight into direct actions

Fast reaction to changes in the retail environment is critical for the success of your strategy. SaleMate allows you to set rules for automated actions based on your team’s observations in the field, examples could be automatically plan training at next visit, inform your maintenance team of defect in-store material or send information to account managers on competitor activities in specific channels. Your imagination sets the bars for how automated your retail operation can be.

3.       Smart visit planner

With the smart visit planner in SaleMate you can – day by day – make sure that your team have planned and completed the assignments that add most value to your business. Smart visit planner proposes the most effective visits and routes of every team member taking into consideration the value of different assignments, the expected instore time, driving distances, visit frequency, location of the field teams, and hours to be worked. With SaleMate you know that your team operates in the most effective way.  

4.       Smart report creator

The built-in report creator updates and populates all your standard reports with latest information, so that you can spend your time in interpreting the data instead of spending hours in compiling data. And you can share the reports with people inside and outside your organization by a simple URL – leaving you time to do more important things than creating standardized reports from different data sources.

5.       The channel landscape on one platform

With SaleMate you have the whole channel landscape at your fingertips. All locations, all contacts, all historic data, all current activities, all your retail installations and everything else in the same platform and you can easily setup assignments for your field teams based on the segmentation of your choice and you are able to track the development over time and make sure that you and your team meet their KPI’s. 

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