Settimo Piano create an Unforgettable “Mission Territory 005” Event for Acinque


Settimo Piano, the Italian partners of EFMP, have recently created an innovative corporate training and networking event for their client, Acinque. Acinque is a multi-utility company that operates in the areas of Como, Lecco, Monza, Sondrio, Udine, Varese, and Venezia. The company designs smart and sustainable cities, while respectfully taking the needs and preferences of citizens into consideration, is actively involved in energy transition, and implements the principles of a circular economy in all its activities. Acinque has a comprehensive strategic plan that includes managing the sale and distribution of electricity and gas, district heating, waste collection and recovery, electric mobility, smart city projects, public lighting, and network services.

Settimo Piano was contacted by Acinque in December to create a unique and unforgettable experience for their top sellers from the indirect sales channels. The request was challenging: to design an event that combined training, entertainment, and networking activities that could give participants an unforgettable weekend. Settimo Piano had to come up with a specific communication approach that could capture the participants' attention and transport them to a parallel world while maintaining a connection to the territory (reflecting Acinque's values and strong links to the local communities).

Settimo Piano thoroughly studied the Lake Como area, one of the most beautiful territories of the Acinque brand and came up with the fantastic idea of a James Bond-like 007 theme. And as one of the most beautiful villas overlooking Lake Como was the set of one of the last 007 films, it was chosen as the perfect fit to be used as a venue for the event's theme.

Settimo Piano's idea, and answer to the challenging request by their client, was to transform the participants into secret agents and provide them with a 007- type experience, while, at the same time, giving them the opportunity to experience the beautiful Lake Como and the cities of Como and Bellagio. 

The event began before the selected weekend when, starting from the beginning of March, participants received mysterious 007-themed emails. The first email invited participants to the event and provided clues about the event's theme. Subsequent emails contained a series of riddles that revealed the location and event mood, as well as the necessary information about the weekend, while maintaining the appropriate aura of mystery. This digital ecosystem, created ad hoc for the event, transformed the participants into ‘005 agents’, worthy heirs of the legendary James Bond.

The event, named "005 – Missione Territorio" ("005 – Mission Territory"), began on March 30, welcoming participants from all over Italy. On March 31, the event started early in the morning with a welcome coffee, followed by the commencement of the program. The Sheraton Lake Como, a beautiful hotel in the city centre of Como, hosted the event, where the progress of 2022 was reviewed, and the objectives for 2023 were presented to all the partners and indirect channels involved.

After this introduction, the participants received their agent's kit, and the secret mission began. The participants were divided into teams and set off on private boats, sailing through the splendid Lake Como waters between Como and Bellagio. The treasure hunt challenge involved a mix of riddles and tests related to the territory and the customer, actively involving the participants. Each team had their own branded boat with team-coloured flags, where they could search for clues and admire the stunning views of the lake. 

Following the completion of the mission, it was time to acknowledge the outstanding team and revel in the accomplishments of the day. The teams eagerly made their way back to the hotel, with the fastest and most successful group receiving well-deserved recognition. The evening continued with a delightful, themed dinner, accompanied by lively musical entertainment and an enjoyable karaoke session.

The guests were treated to an exceptional experience on Saturday morning as they had the privilege of attending a captivating talk by renowned motivational speaker Luigi Mazzola. With a remarkable background in Formula One, Mazzola has worked alongside legendary champions including Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, and Kimi Raikkonen. Having served as an engineer responsible for optimizing the performance and reliability of F1 cars, Mazzola later transitioned into a managerial role, leading a team of skilled engineers, technicians, and mechanics. Today, he has emerged as an esteemed executive coach, emotional testimonial, and trainer specializing in the realms of leadership and sales. Mazzola's thought-provoking session provided invaluable insights and left a lasting impact on all attendees, concluding the event on a high note of inspiration.

The event provided the perfect opportunity for participants to connect, network, and have fun while experiencing an unforgettable and unique training event. It was a brilliant strategy by Settimo Piano, which highlighted and linked all the business activities of their client, Acinque, while emphasising the importance of how it all fits into the preservation of the territorial integrity and beauty of the region.

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