Sharing the pleasure of the best Swiss chocolate.


USP usually goes on a "Tour de Suisse" twice a year with the Swiss original - Lindt & Sprüngli with its brands that are synonomous with the word ‘chocolate’. For several years now, USP has been conducting a sensational roadshow,  featuring the lovingly and elaborately branded Lindt Smart cars, in preparation for Easter & Christmas. This roadshow has been putting smiles on the faces of consumers for several years during the Easter and Christmas  festive seasons, occasions which are so important to Lindt!

Love for chocolate lasts forever. Love for chocolate from Lindt & Sprüngli AG even more so. Even today, 145 years after  it was established, the traditional Swiss company is still convinced that the enjoyment of typical Swiss chocolate serves one purpose above all else: to give people a moment of pleasure,  and by so doing, put a smile on the face of chocolate afficianados across all borders and regardless of any  differences.

Switzerland-wide roadshow at Easter and Christmas
In order to communicate the brand values, to generate trials and, in particular, to anchor the brand emotionally and sympathetically with the target group, EFMP Swiss partner, USP Partner, has been  organising the popular roadshows across Switzerland on behalf of Lindt & Sprüngli for many years. At the centre of the activity - and hard to overlook - is the Smart fleet, which is adapted for the respective consumer occasion, and is branded as the Lindt Golden Rabbit at Easter and as the Lindt Teddy  during the pre-Christmas period. The fleet of motorized Easter bunnies or Christmas teddies, packaged in the signature gold wrapping to epitomise the Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies or Christmas teddies (depending on the season)  tours across the length and breadth of Switzerland and is an eye-catcher that unmistakably announces the upcoming holidays, while brilliantly highlighting their product.

The promoter team, recruited and trained by USP, visits the predefined POS branches during the roadshow and, by handing over the popular Lindt samples,  not only gives each consumer a culinary moment of pleasure, but also puts a smile on their faces as they savour the deliciously decadent chocolate moment.

For many years Lindt & Sprüngli has relied on USP's experience for the professional planning and implementation of the "Lindt Smart Tour" for Easter and Christmas, and last year was no different.  Together with Lindt & Sprüngli, USP can also look back on a «chocolatey» 2019: During 24 tour days,  approximately 120 POS branches were visited, and, during the Easter and Christmas periods, a total of 185,000  samples were handed over to happy consumers. -  These were not only unique and visually attractive promotional tours but they were also experiential tours, where consumer contacts were made and tastings experienced while brand values were communicated.  A marketing exercise that will definitely be remembered by brand ambassadors and consumers alike!

Once we are through this current situation we look forward to getting the show back on the road once again.

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