Spanish Partner, GRUPO A optimises Christmas Campaigns for sector leading brands


The lead up to Christmas is always a competitive time in retail as brands look to launch their most alluring strategies to clearly stand out in a bid to be regarded as the best by discerning shoppers.

EFMP Spanish partner Grupo A has long been at the forefront of this battle on behalf of leading brands in the star categories in the Spanish Christmas retail scene, namely Chocolate, Cheese, Cava and Beauty.  And 2022 is no different. 

Below are some of the key campaigns that Grupo A are involved in with the main objective being to help these brands to stand out in a competitive and crowded marketplace.


Grupo A is a long-trusted partner for Nestlé as they have been managing their merchandising and POS, and leveraging their products during seasonal peaks for more than 10 years.

This year the team started the seasonal campaign for Nestlé Chocolates in October which will follow through to the start of January where they will be focusing on displaying Nestlé chocolate hotspots which includes gondola ends, island decorations and the display of secondary placements.

For Nestlé Dolce Gusto the Christmas season task force started operations in November and will finish in early January. The campaign message is “Merry Coffee Shop - Your Coffee Shop at Home”  conveyed through POS strategy that supports the above the line advertising campaign. The 2022 campaign is focused on promoting the “coffee shop at home” experience driving the consumption of Dolce Gusto capsules at home through the recruitment of new consumers.

Ferrero Ibérica

Grupo A has managed their regular sales teams and they have run the Christmas campaign for Ferrero in Spain  for the last 3 years. Starting in November the Christmas seasonal  task force will focus on leveraging chocolate products and on providing extra support to established yearly routes. The initial 4-week campaign focuses on individual chocolate ranges and from the beginning  of December they will conduct a month-long product boost for the special seasonality products that are launched, with the campaign finishing at the end of December.

Juvé i Camps

The Cava brand has a long, well-established partnership with Grupo A. During the festive season they will be adding two additional POS Managers, one for the northern Spanish area ( Basque Country) and one for the Eastern area (Catalonia).


This is the first year that Grupo A will be managing their Christmas campaign for ISDIN which involves the removal of their old campaign props and from mid-November, involves the implementation of their fourth and final seasonal rebranding of their window displays.


As in the case with many of their other clients Grupo A has a decade long partnership with Alianze and has been running their Christmas campaign from the beginning of their commercial relationship. Grupo A will set up sampling hotspots for consumers to try the products within the Entremont Cheese Range. 

Friesland Campina

The relationship with Friesland Campina is just under a decade old, Grupo A have been delivering great results since 2015, offering promotional sampling, and providing activation teams for their cheese (Millan Vicente) and cocoa milkshake (Chocomel) products.

Grupo A is happy to continue its association with these valued clients and expects to grow its clients’ sales by 2% compared to their 2021 Christmas campaigns. To achieve this goal, the aim is to deliver 100% of the quality standards agreed at the initial briefings, and also, by providing useful insight on the campaign progress and results. The end objective is to improve the awareness and results of each of the upcoming brand campaigns.  

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