Spontex promotion - connecting the physical world with the online


The world is changing and we in ppm factum are changing with it. Consumer behavior is developing by leaps and bounds, and we know from surveys that the standard promos no longer attract as much attention as they used to.
Jirí Král, head of the ppm promo division, adds: “That is why we are coming up with a new Real Feel brand, which will bring more innovations, experience and digital support to retail. We perceive retail as an integral part of the media mix and that is why we will bring more strategic concepts that will cleverly link to the brand communication even in the store environment.”
And what does it look like in practice?

We are currently launching a long-term campaign for one of Spontex's key products, the most compact ES+Compact system, which excels in the fact that its small bucket can fit anywhere in the apartment, but the mop head is so large that it quickly wipes out any large area.
The project manager, Míša Horejšová, explains the motivation behind the promotion: “We wanted to stay away from the classic demonstration events, which a large number of customers will automatically avoid, and that is why we used the idea of a small bucket / large mop to draw the attention of the maximum number of customers in stores and also to make them remember the brand."
For the first wave of events, which we had to implement with a number of restrictions due to the current situation, we prepared our "little living room of illusions" for the hypermarkets, in which customers looking into special mirrors appeared either larger or smaller. In an entertaining way, they could realize the advantages of the product itself, which is so small that it can fit anywhere, but also big enough that it will take care of a large apartment.
For the next wave of the activity we are also preparing a strategic digital support, which will cleverly connect the events in retail with the online environment and increase the impact of the promotion many times over.
Míša also looks at the first measurable outputs from the activity: “If we summarize the first numbers, which we can compare with previous activities for the same product, then despite the covid situation we achieve a 32% higher customer attendance thanks to the new mechanics and sales are rising by almost 20% so far."

Jirí Král adds "The creative concept is so strategic that it was also bought from the Czech ppm factum by the French parent company of Spontex and will be implemented in France in 2021."

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