The rise of street marketing in Spain


Spain has the second highest number of pedestrians walking in the streets of their major cities in the whole of Europe; and this presents a huge marketing opportunity. 

The EFMP’s Spanish partners,  Grupo A, have capitalized on this concept and are using  street marketing to generate an emotional connection between customers and a brand in a way that digital or print forms of marketing are unable to do. Street marketing uses the element of surprise and engagement to create a memorable experience with the brand and can be as simple as a window display, or a  billboard that makes people look twice, or ambassadors enthusiastically promoting and providing sampling of their products on busy city streets. The more creative and innovative the campaign, the more it will attract the attention of passers-by and have a positive emotional effect. This positive brand ‘buzz’ can be passed on, by those who interacted with the campaign, via word of mouth and social media to reach a far wider audience.

A recent study by TC Group Solutions found that Spain has the second highest pedestrian traffic ratio in Europe. Every day, more than 16,700 people walk down the impressive Gran Via avenue in Madrid while 14,000 people stroll down Barcelona’s Pelai Street on a daily basis. Only behind Carnaby Street and Brompton Road in London; these two astonishing Spanish streets come in as the third and fourth most crowded venues in Europe, handing brands a magnificent opportunity to spread their message. This is where street marketing comes into play. In an era where digital platforms are given preference when it comes to marketing campaigns, there are very few online sites capable of competing with 

16 700 direct impressions a day, which is what is achieved in Gran Via on a daily basis. Spanish streets have hence become one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands operating in the country.

When carrying out any Street-marketing campaign, it is essential to have a good plan of what, when and where the action will be carried out. Grupo A value marketing placement as highly as the idea itself. A good location will ease the other key aspect of street marketing: capturing the pedestrians’ attention. Thus, not only the ‘how’ but especially the ‘where’, will define the success of a campaign. 

Grupo A’s expertise lies in planning and implementing actions and promotions at street level, using creative strategies to ensure a reachable and approachable image that will attract a wider audience. Grupo A has the infrastructure, logistics, personnel and technology to carry out surprising and innovative Street-marketing actions to get a brand’s commercial message to consumers. All these attributes have proved to be invaluable in achieving street- marketing success by Grupo A in Spain.

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