To discover : a new omnichannel offer!


IFMG and its subsidiary Atmosphères have developed new digital solutions for sales, e-learning, live shopping and brand ambassadors. 

The objective? To combine offline and online shopping in order to phygitalize your offer and create a community of fans around your brand, thus increasing the sell out and improving the customer experience.  


2022 marks a significant transition towards a 100% digital consumption where e-commerce and physical points of sale complement each other more than they compete. Through the digitalization of points of sale, it is easier for a brand, a retailer, to follow and influence the consumer throughout his customer journey, to interact with him, to meet all his expectations, to prolong the purchasing experience, whether in a point of sale or elsewhere.  

Phygital in a few figures:  

The Fevad (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling) notes +15% of sales on the Internet in 2021. 

Phygital reinforces by 54% the customer loyalty and would also increase the traffic in store by 50%! 


You want to inform your customers? To carry out demonstrations and create a link with them? 

Choose SoASK! - This personal shopping application is available in-store via QR-code and online via a pop-up to advise consumers by chat or video at any time thanks to experts trained in your brand and listening to your customers. 

You want to capture a new audience and increase your conversion rate quickly? 

Choose LivySHOP! - It's THE Live Shopping solution for presenting your products/services live and on-demand. 

You want to engage your sales force and sales teams? 

Choose Training Share! - A 100% customizable training application (e-learning, video, live training, quizzes, and gamification) 

You want to develop your brand image, boost your online visibility and in store? 

Choose Demooz! - Your best customers become your brand ambassadors and can perform demonstrations at home or elsewhere to show your products to future customers! 

You can also control your e-reputation thanks to the Demooz "verified reviews" campaign, authentic reviews written by your customers who have become Ambassadors. 

Today, thanks to our expertise in field marketing and sales activation, we can support you on all your projects with turnkey and customized solutions, adapted to your strategy, with a team of experts trained on your brand.  

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