USP go on tour to educate consumers on 100% Coca-Cola rPET


Switzerland is frequently commended for its exemplary waste collection, sorting and recycling systems. Plastic bottle recycling is just one example of Switzerland's sustainable waste management. Typically, 70% of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, dilutable drinks and bottled water packaging is made from PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET). PET is the most recyclable plastic in the world. It is light, durable, and safe, and has a smaller carbon footprint than alternatives. When it comes to recycling PET, the Swiss are, without doubt, among the world leaders with over 83% of used PET bottles ending up at the collection points.

At the beginning of May 2022, Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG, introduced 100% recycled PET (so-called "rPET") for all bottles produced in Switzerland for brands such as Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite and MezzoMix. This changeover is set to save the production of around 3,300 tons of new PET each year. The switch to 100% rPET is part of Coca Cola’s global vision of "A world without waste".  With this manufacturing process, Coca-Cola has taken a big step towards becoming fully circular by shrinking their environmental footprint and trimming operational waste.

The introduction of bottles made of 100 % rPET is also a way of creating solidarity between the manufacturer and the consumer, where each individual, makes his or her contribution to protecting our environment.  To further reaffirm their commitment to the environment, Coca Cola have set themselves the ambitious target of taking back one bottle for every bottle sold. 

To make Swiss consumers even more aware of the topic of "100% recycled PET", Coca Cola entrusted EFMP Swiss partner, USP Partner AG, to launch a promotional campaign across various Coop stores. The aim of the campaign was to educate the consumer on the manufacturing process of 100% rPET in a simple, impressive, and playful way.

The central element of the promotional tour was a large display with a rotating wheel, on which the rPET manufacturing process was explained in 5 simple steps. In order to anchor the innovation of 100% rPET as a lasting brand experience in the minds of shoppers, the 5-step rPET production was accompanied by an innovatively staged augmented reality gamification.

The promotional tour was massively successful, covering 15 Coop stores in Swiss German regions. The promotional staff engaged with 5,300 consumers and 2,300 of them had the rPET manufacturing process demonstrated to them through the rotary display (analogue) or via augmented reality, and they were thus able to deepen their knowledge of the Coca-Cola rPET sustainability processes. This resulted in unanimously positive feedback from consumers, who collectively expressed the opinion that this was “an important and correct step towards a more sustainable future”.

USP Partner AG were responsible for the POS launch, this included the project management of the creative concepts, from the development of the shopper activations to ensuring that the promotional staff and location were all suitably branded throughout the campaign. 

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