USP Partner AG develops and implements sampling activities for five brands of the Feldschlösschen company


It was cause for celebration when, in a pitch against several well-known players in the industry, USP Partner AG, won the contract to design and implement sampling activities for five Feldschlösschen Getränke AG brands in 2019. The brands, for which they activated the entire operation, from conception and planning to implementation were: Feldschlösschen Alkoholfrei, EVE, Somersby, Schweppes and Bilz.

Feldschlösschen is not only Switzerland’s iconic brewery,but also the leading beverage company. They pride themselves on being the producer of a beer that brings people together and helps with bridge-building and connectivity through the communication that is engendered by the consumption of their product in a social setting. The challenge for USP was to develop and implement five differentiated, high-impact live-marketing initiatives for each of the five brands. And, not least, to get this concept of product-induced togetherness across to consumers, while at the same time communicating the brand values and getting consumers to engage in the sampling and trial of their products.  Then, importantly, it was the aim to anchor the brands emotionally with the target groups in order to win both the ‘minds and hearts’ of consumers. 

Brand-compatible activation with an emotional component

Aware of the theory that it is not just how a product tastes or looks that you remember but how the entire product-experience makes you feel, USP set about creating memorable brand promotions in various shopping centers in Switzerland, which allowed consumers to immerse themselves in the unique world of the advertised products. These promotions were brand-specific, so EVE’s brand presence radiated New York glamour and the pink glow of a pleasurable world within reach. Whereas Somersby’s promotion convinced with a light summery appearance, evocative of a laid-back lifestyle, where relaxation and enjoyment are key, as epitomised, not only by the song,  ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer’,  but by Somersby’s product itself, which is intended to provide the antithesis to the hurry and scurry of a fast moving world. To augment these brand-specific activations, the consumer touchpoints were characterised by additional branding and visibility elements, which further guaranteed a strong brand presence in each instance. 

Target- group oriented live-marketing activities

While attempting to reach as many as possible of their target group, USP relied on mass sampling  for Feldschlösschen Alkoholfrei and Bilz at the largest and most frequented railway stations in Switzerland. Here the focus was not only on creating brand awareness, explained Dominik Nyffenegger, CEO and Partner at USP, but also on giving the consumer the opportunity to experience the good taste of the products, as well as demonstrating their consumer occassions. As there are times when one may choose not to consume alcohol but would like to enjoy the qualities of beer, he continued, these non-alcoholic beers offer a refreshing alternative to soft drinks, which is most enjoyable and would be sure to provide the consumer with an ‘Aha!’ experience.

Logistics matter

Any form of sampling of refrigerated products, whether equity or mass sampling, requires attention in order to make certain that the products are delivered to the target-groups at exactly the temperature that promises the greatest drinking pleasure. USP, with their extensive experience in the planning and execution of sampling activities in the FMCG sector and in compliance with the maintenance of a seamless cold chain, were ideally positioned to achieve these requirements. And they achieved their goal admirably. 


USP distributed more than half a million samples in Switzerland, and through their well thought-out promotional campaigns, stands, branding and visibility concepts, they generated many times more than half a million contacts for these five brands. Indeed, USP Partner, as the company responsible for the entire conception, planning and implementation of the marketing activities for Feldschlosschen are to be congratulated on a job well done. 

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