VALSER Switzerland engage in PET recycling campaign


With so much talk about, and understandable concentration on the Coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping across the world, one might have been forgiven for overlooking the ongoing necessity for the recycling initiatives which are required to keep our lands and oceans clean and clear of plastic and other non-biodegradable waste.            This was not the case for EFMP Swiss member, USP Partner AG.  

Just before the lockdown procedures came into force in Switzerland, USP Partner AG, organised a fun and memorable PET recycling event for VALSER plastic water bottles, on behalf of holding company, Coca Cola Switzerland. The aim was to make the Swiss population even more aware of the recycling of bottles used for on-the-go-water consumption, and of how incredibly easy the process is.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate, to use the scientific term) is a type of plastic used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and it can, and has been recycled as rPET for use in the manufacture of new bottles. Indeed, VALSER has been doing precisely this, using 100% recyclable material for the manufacture of all their bottles, since 2019. 

As a run-up to the Global Recycling Day 2020, the idea was to draw attention to the important environmental impact that recycling has, and to encourage people to recycle, by simultaneously implementing a fun and engaging marketing campaign for VALSER.

A guerrilla marketing campaign was employed by placing innovative, well-labelled, recycling bins, with fun, eye-catching signage to draw attention to them, in unusual but strategic positions in cities throughout Switzerland. Every time a passer-by placed an empty bottle in the recycling bin, a round of applause broke out from the bin, accompanied by a knowing wink from the graphics on the bin. 

A mood film was made to capture  the promotion and consumer reaction, and this demonstrated an overwhelmingly  positive public response to the humorous initiative. The film was released across various marketing channels in time for the Global Recycling Day 2020 on the 18th March this year, which enabled them to reach a wider target group.

Through the effective planning and implementation by the USP Partner AG team, they were able to support and effectively showcase VALSER’s continuing commitment to ethical business practice and environmental sustainability.

What was the outcome? 

The campaign raised the awareness of VALSER’s 100% commitment to 100% rPET with the right target audience. USP Partner AG were please to play their part on a project with such big impact.  

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