Why Spain is the ideal place to host your business event


Back in January our Spanish partners, GrupoA, attended the 39th annual International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR, held in Madrid.  FITUR is a world-renowned trade fair that has become an annual highlight and global meeting destination for the travel industry. The fair is for tourism professionals and more than 253.000 people from 165 countries descend on Madrid to network, share ideas and forge new business relationships.  

When selecting a destination for a large-scale business event such as FITUR, there are certain key elements that need to be considered. The logistics of a large-scale business event demand certain necessities such as adequate travel, safety, and world class venues within close proximity of accommodation. Other requirements are the ones that make the difference for the attendees and assistants like the weather, beaches, nightlife, museums, culture and excellent food and wine which is always important. The Spanish pride themselves on their unique gastronomy, and according to the study “Gastronomy in the Spanish economy” by KPMG, the wide variety of Spanish food caters for everyone from baby boomers who want quality, traditional dishes to millennials who place an emphasis on experience and authenticity. 

FITUR has established itself as one of the world’s most successful business fairs and benefits from being hosted in Madrid, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and capital of the second most visited country in the world. Spain is a modern country that has both the infrastructure and tourist appeal to attract entire industries and investors to its shores, making it a logical destination for global events like FITUR.

Grupo A, with over 20 years of field marketing experience, has been a proud contributor to this, and other, world class events in Spain and were recently rewarded for their dedication and proven results by becoming a guest member of the Spanish Marketing Association (MKT). Grupo A are able to provide their customers complete transparency throughout campaigns due to their bespoke software that allows an interactive digital process from hiring and training to live data monitoring and instant phototropic updates. Grupo A continue to provide personnel, processes and procedures that ensure the smooth operating and continued success of these business events.

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